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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are there any fees charged for a mentee?

Yes, the fee for a mentee is RM 8 per month. The mentee has to pay for the whole semester 1, 21/22 which consists of 4 months.

2. How long will the mentor mentee programme run?

Our programme will be held during the whole semester 1, 2021/2022.


3. What are the benefits of becoming a mentee?

As a mentee, you will receive:

  • An e-certificate.

  • Personalized learning with a mentor from your kulliyyah.

  • Starpoints as a participant.

  • A chance to meet new friends and share experiences with the mentor-mentee group.


4. Why is my kulliyyah not included?

There are several reasons why this might happen. Your kulliyyah may already have its own tutorship programme or have other programmes which is more suitable for the learning nature of your course. To learn more, you may contact the representative of your kulliyyah’s student society regarding this matter.

5. Can I register to be a mentee for more than one mentor?

. No. One mentee need to have one mentor only.


6. Where and when does the mentor conduct classes with the mentees?

Via online platforms. Eg : Google Meet, Zoom etc


7. How were the mentors selected/What are their qualifications?

Click to see the mentors' qualifications:

8. Is it possible for me to join this programme for 1 month only?

No, mentees should be joining throughout sem 1, 21/22. However, if there is any unavoidable circumstances that stops you from continuing, do contact & inform PIC (Br. Farid/Sr. Nuraliah).

9. Are the programme or mentors guided by lecturers? 

The lecturers are not involved in this programme. However, the mentors are allowed to refer to lecturers for guidance.


10. What if I have financial difficulties to pay the monthly fee of this programme?

You may contact the PIC (Br. Farid/Sr. Nuraliah), as we have allocated some amount to help the mentees of this programme.