Kulliyyah of Education

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Our qualified mentors will help you with your studies throughout the semester.

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Contents of this page:
  • Qualified Mentors

  • Academic Assistance

  • Reward


The qualified mentors are upholding these criteria; 

  • Mentors are flexible to serve in that particular programme.

  • Have great personal accomplishments, values, experience, capabilities and potential.

  • Academically competent who possess CGPA at least or above 3.20.

  • 2nd and 3rd year student of Kuliyyah of Education.  

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Mentor will conduct four hours of synchronize meeting per month. It will be conducted according to mentors & mentees availability upon discussions from October until December.

Each mentor will have 3 - 5 mentees.

Subjects offered
are as follow: 

You will have a Whatsapp group with your mentor.

Should be there any inquiries or questions about studies, you can refer to your mentors for assistance.





Mentees will have to pay fee for only RM 8 per month to join this program. 

Let's spend for your success brothers and sisters. A better you is waiting !

Open for 1st year KOED students ONLY.
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